Where did the time go?

29/06/2010 11:47

    I am aware that I have been MIA for some time now... unfortunately I had to leave Joburg in order to care for my mom who sadly passed in Feb last year.

Words cannot describe the changes as a woman, and writer, that I have undergone. It has inspired me to finally start on my own book. Nearly six years down the line!

Although the loss of my mother is still very much part of my day-to-day life, I have also gained a beautiful teenage stepdaughter. What a wonderful opportunity to pass on what my mother so freely gave to me.


Now. Back to business! I am still freelancing from home, but have opened the posibility of finding permanent position. Now that my schedule is pretty much cleared, I can comfortably take on a permanent position without having to travel at a moment's notice.


Please feel free to click on over to my CV page, or, if you like something a little bit more hands-on, I have listed a portion of my portfolio.


Thank you so much to all the wonderful clients who have supported and encouraged me during this difficult time. I look forward to working again and who knows, maybe even publish that long-awaited novel!


All the best