Working with Andrew P. Jones

11/11/2008 15:12

I recently completed a project for the American journalist, film producer, actor and musician, Andrew P. Jones. What a wild ride! His book, Barack Obama: American Savior or Judas Goat. Diary of a Mad Black Voter, took a mere two months to complete.

I was given a manuscript and asked to proofread it. Andrew found me on the web and contacted me from the States. He regularly visits the States but currently lives in Kensington with his wife and three beautiful children.

I picked up an invaluable amount of experience and exposure while working with Andrew. I discovered that, in the words of Paul Coelho, "if you want something bad enough, the Universe will conspire with you to get it". I was so keen to see this book on the shelves, not just for myself, but for Andrew too. His hard work, dedication and strong belief in his ideas inspired me to forget about the hours and mountains of work. We had to do it. And we did! 

Barack Obama: American Savior or Judas Goat was launched on Thursday, October 30, 2008. Andrew approached DHL and sent a signed copy to the many people mentioned in the book; Barack Obama, George W Bush, Rev Jesse Jackson, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma, Fidel Castro, Rev Jeremiah Wright and many more.

It was an honour and privilege to work on such a controversial and topical project. For more information on this book, and where you can purchase your own copy, visit


Happy reading!