The bittersweet taste of success

22/10/2008 15:13
  I am continually amazed at the ever-changing twists and turns, the ebb and flow of life.   I recently completed my first book. Well, it's not quite my own book (mine has been a work in progress for four years now). Two months ago an American author contacted me and I was contracted...

Spreading the word

21/07/2008 18:22
Dickens wrote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...". I think Mr. Dickens had some experience in freelancing! Hard work, late hours and some valuable input from Jo Duxbury of  is finally paying off. Thank you to my new and existing...

Erotica, the American and the Newcomer

02/07/2008 14:49
Type in the words "freelance copy editors" on Google, and you'll end up with 2,210, 000 results.   Daunting for clients, even more for a relatively new freelancer like myself! I recently came across a website that offers freelancers a go at nearly every job imaginable. This international...

FreelanceCentral hits the nail on the head

02/07/2008 14:42
    The popular South African freelance website, recently released the results of their online survey. The results are both hilarious, and true! Click here to read the article as it appeared on


02/07/2008 13:45
Thanks to the growing number of Compose Yourself! clients, I have extended my services to include the following:   Dissertations Press Releases Web Editing  Web Backend Content Management